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5th Grade: $295 PLUS $30 US Lacrosse Fee

At this level there is still a heavy emphasis on basic skills instruction as well as a shift toward more focused positional instruction and advanced team concepts.  Contact is introduced as well as man up/man down “special teams”.  Practice will be held ~3 days a week and becomes more important as missing practice will likely result in reduced playing time during games.  Players who demonstrate good practice participation and good attitudes will see equal playing time regardless of skill level.  5thgrade will play in 10-12 games plus a few tournaments/festivals. While we always strive to win, it is not the sole focus. Playing other spring sports is still tolerated but practice is much more important at this level due to the advanced team concepts introduced.  Number of teams/platoons will be based on registration totals. At all levels we hope to instill the values of the game and above all have fun.

Parents encouraged to volunteer.   Help us "Grow the Game!"